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"We Got It Covered"

The latest release from the trio – a collection of 17 tunes from our playlist. Visit the band's website for more details: 3husbands.com


The result of my songsmithing for 2008, this is a double CD of 40 songs. The first CD is "acoustic" (just me and my instruments, with some overdubbing), and the second is "electric" (which includes computer-generated accompaniments and special effects.


I am a "wheatie" — that is, a devoted attendee of the Wheatland Music Festival since 2000. This is a collection of instrumentals - Instrumental Old-Timey and Folk Tunes (sometimes called "Americana") with me playing all the instruments - guitars, banjo, mandolines, whistles, bass, etc. etc. etc.) Fun!


This 3-CD Boxed Set is original works from 2007. That year, I happened to turn 54 years old, and there just happens to be 54 songs in the set, too!

"27" — SCA Collection 2007

And in 2007, I celebrated half my life in the Society for Creative Anachronism by re-recording and/or remastering all the related music I've written over the years in the "modern middle ages." (Many of these tracks are also on other CDs.)

"In My Spare Time"

What there is of it, I spend writing and recording songs. This is half the collection from 2006.


On this 2006 collection of original tunes, all the songs have to do with the subject of communication. Most are about "words" - one is about "numbers."

"This reminds me..."

And that's the name of the last song on the CD - it's 3 Husbands on the Loose performing original tunes, with some nostalgic photos from the "rockin' ’70s" for those who were there.

"It's OK"

It is, too. My usual eclectic collection of tracks for your enjoyment.

"The Roots Go Deep"

Leaning quite a bit towards the Country genre this time!

"Great Big Change"

I closed my business and got a real job in 2004. Some of the related feelings found there way into these songs.


This is an odd excursion for me. A sort of a cantata / operetta thing that's a retelling of the "Midas Touch" story. I sing all the parts - male, female, young, old — and the Greek deities, too!

"Ballads from the Beggar Baron"

Here is a collection of tunes inspired by my experiences in the SCA. (Most of these were redone for the "27" collection above - some better, some not according to a few of my fans.)

"I've Been Working On The Railroad"

I did it! I wrote a musical stage play. It's the usual semi-romantic story set in the time and place of the completion of the Trans-Continental Railroad. Yes it is! And if I get rich someday, I'll try getting a performance together for real. And again, I sing all the parts. (You have to use your imagination to hear the young Irish orphan girl in my voice!)

"50 Years on the Planet — David McCord & Friends"

This is a compilation of "basement tapes" from the first 50 years of my life, some old and noisey that were rescued from decaying 1/4-inch multitrack tape, and some re-recorded for this release (because the tapes were beyond rescue). I am joined by members of the Glass Freeway band on some tracks here.

"Holy Show!"

A collection of religiously-oriented songs of mine from the olden days. Someday I'll be compiling a "Holy Show - Part 2" when I get enough new material together.

"Enar and Balin"

This is my first "Theme Album" — I wrote this story about two rival brothers and their encounter with wicked magical forces in a medieval setting, and put the whole thing to music. An early work - I learned a lot from this experience! The CD also comes with a Mini-Comic Book relating the tale with full lyrics and illustrations by me, too!

"Glass Freeway's Greatest Hits - Part One"

The band that started it all! Back in the 1970s we recorded these tunes in my hobby studio. We still sing some of them today! These are the early years of the band; pre-1977, I think.

"Glass Freeway's Greatest Hits - Part Two"

More from the boys in the band, the later years. The sound is bigger (two-van-loads of equipment), and the band members revised a little after ’77. Turn it up and sing along!