Lately, Doug, Bryan and I have been playing coffee-houses and charity gigs billed as "Three Husbands on the Loose" — myself on vocals, guitar, and occasionally banjo, mandolin, and penny whistles, Doug on vocals, guitar, and mandolin, and Bryan on vocals, bass guitar, and sometimes 6-string. (More pictures below!)

If anyone is interested in booking us for a gig, drop me an e-mail. First of all, because we all have jobs and families and other stuff going on, there aren't a lot of dates available on the calendar — but give it a try anyhow! Will play for food (low carb, please) and fun!
Here's us guys playing at the Lyons Island Festival in Lyons, Mich, in July of 2005. (It was bloody hot on that stage!)
And at the Trumble Family Reuinion in August, 2005.

"Glass Freeway" - our old '70s cover band - is shown here sometime around 1978. From left is Bryan Kimble, me (proundly displaying my '73 Les Paul deluxe), Todd McCord (my brother the drummer, peeking over my shoulder), Chandler Carr (lead guitar), and Doug Trumble.

Previous to this photo, Brian Brill (keyboardist par excellence) played with the band for a year or so.

This picture has been retouched a bit, (to reflect that fact that we’re all a bit "touched"), but here’s what the members of the band look like in the summer of 2005 --->

(Bunch of old geezers!)

From left:
Bryan, me, Todd,
Doug, and Chandler.

More pictures and stories coming soon...