It appears that one of hte computers I was using to duplicate these CDs had a
preliminary version of the song "Cyprian of the Wheel" with NO VOCALS on it.

If this is true of your CD, please contact me and I will send you a replacement!
(Sorry for the hassle!)

27 Years doing this SCA thing in verse and song! (That's half of my earthly life, friends!) I've re-recorded all the songs I've written about and inspired by the Society for Creative Anachronism and compiled them all here for yoru profanement.

Also included is a little booklet with the stories behind the songs, and a couple of lengthy poems as well:

"Williams Never Will" - a tragic story about a town bully and a family trying hard to maintain their innocence.

"Ode to Blind Harry" - about the poet who first preserved the ledgend of the now-celebrated William Wallace.

Songs and samples are listed to the right here, and (by popular demand) I have also posted a collection of lyrics for your downloading pleasure!

Daibhre Songs - 27 Years of SCA Tunes
Available for the modest sum of US$25.00 plus S&H.


(Sorry - had to delete the samples.
It started costing money.)

DISC ONE: "In Recent Years..."

1. A World Of Our Making
2. A Beggar I Will Stay
3. I'll Stay Home
4. Drink It To The Dregs
5. The Bonnie Young Dancer
6. Cast Iron Chef
7. One I Love
8. The Rain
9. Eight Miles Fast
10. The Fourth Wall
11. Rum Tum Ta!
12. O Heartbound Companions
13. The Middle Is For Me!

DISC TWO: "And before that..."

1. The Rune Field
2. Dorne Mac Cie
3. Not To Worry, Mother
4. Cynnabar March
5. Fighter Song 2007
6. On The Road to Easton Down
7. EislinSong

DISC THREE: "The Epics"

1. The Magic Axe of Tarbeighnwield
2. Glories of the Heart
3. Cyprian of the Wheel